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I've seen these images before. Tienanmen Square. Kent State. Kim Phuc.
But every time I look at them, I want to do something.

That's nothing new with me, I tend to be the sort who wants to do something.
But why does man do this to himself?
Why don't we change things?

The protests -- college kids. Middle aged hippies. Why do "fine, upstanding citizens," those with a stable job, a family, maybe a dog, why do they never change things? THeir life is not perfect enough to not be affected by images like these. Their life is not perfect enough to potentially be in one of these situations. Even, yes, in this great Country -- capitilazation, of course the empasis from someone who wants to believe all this power can hide them from the horrors we can bring upon each other.

Power, what? Power saves no one. It's only a temporary state anyway -- what of great and powerful europe, or Hitler, the man with a tiny mustache that... well... thought he could change the world.
And he did. Not exactly in the way he expected, but he did.
Everyone does. But it will never make you immortal.

Photos are not immortal. And they never will be. But few things have the power to turn opinion with a glance, and perhaps a slight back story.
If only we didn't use the small power we think we have to ignore them.